This is my collection page for colors tcg, a card-collecting game hosted on dreamwidth! I've always loved the collecting aspect of tcgs while ignoring the actual gameplay part, so I'm really excited to be here!


Level: Orange

Joined: 6/6/24

DW Post:

x10 x6 x8 x5 x7 x7 x11 x8

Activity Log

-Received doog15, joestar02, fourteenate13 from Anniversary Day 13

-Received bigg01, buttons01, mysweet01, mana05, shibari03, brokenhalo03, frasco02, flament02, reviewer03, anyone20, madeofcake02, mariland01, bungee04, moon03, saplings06, flame01, espgame05, doog12, maddog01, sig_natalie from Release 169 (May)
-Received sig_natalie, sig_natalie, sig_natalie from getting a signature!

-Received fourteenate12, sons11 from Anniversary Day 12
-Received fourteenate03, maxter05, badbreath19, placetobe10, adven-tour11, meatlover19, psyncer02, obsessed11, tokugawa13, excommander20, eye14, *1 brown crayon, *1 gray crayon from Anniversary Day 3
-Donated sons05 to Anniversary Day 12;
-Received doog10, fencer15, eponassong14, *1 blue crayon from levelling up | 100 cards reached!
-Received mikorin02, bungee03, moon02, doog09, fourteenate11 from Anniversary Day 11
-Received matsurisu01, bibi12, negative17, weirdo19, cheater13, shiengumi18, saplings14 from Switch It Up 242
-Received rukh17, poverty13, idolclub05, mtooe05, enterprise12, nagarekawa08, missiletainn14, unbrilliant12, magiasulfur06, kurogane18, feng03, sons05, himecuts04, nil13, nightbird17, nezumijodo02 from Coloring Book 330

-Received avilio03, bsaa15, clerk18, companion05, editor04, *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *2 brown crayons, *2 grey crayons from @aroseofmay
-Traded blackpowder07 to @aroseofmay for amon13

-Donated *1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 330 -Received doog06, doog07, doog08, clowns01, mushroom03, gyarus03, fourteenate10 from Anniversary Day 10
-Donated madbloom13, fleursdumal04, mossdeep07, nidaime16, psyco07, beautytips15 to Switch It Up 242;
-Received bungee01, tuxedo01, saplings04, saplings05, doog05, saplings02, saplings03, long-lived01, bungee02 from Little Spell Academia 317
-Received ghostalley04, shiengumi12, long-lived11, kira08, hinadolls17, *6 red crayons, *3 orange crayons, *5 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *2 blue crayons, *3 purple crayons, *6 brown crayons, *3 gray crayons from @admiral
-Traded eyerolls08, foretell18 to @admiral for doog20, gamble06
-Received illdoc18, tenseiga15, fleursdumal04, dotdotdot16, foretell18 from Most Wanted 121
-Received doog04, yaoi02, fourteenate08 from Anniversary Day 8
-Traded backlace09, chinatown20 to @allyrat for chocolate14, memeow10

-Traded anyone13 to @koinuko_colors for moon08
-Received churchgrim05, friction08, madbloom13, anyone13, beautytips15, eyerolls08, mossdeep07, thehag01 from Crazy Colors 294
-Donated cursedspirit08 to Crazy Colors 294;
-Received doog02, doog03, fourteenate09 from Anniversary Day 9
-Received gibson12, cathedra19, psyco07, motiondesign19, snowwhite07, fourteenate07 from Anniversary Day 7
-Received blackpowder07, cursedspirit08, backlace09, chinatown20, shardbinder10, fourteenate01 from Anniversary Day 1

-Received *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *2 brown crayons, *2 grey crayons from @koinuko_colors
-Received idolclub17, thecrows11, member-sheep08, suba-tomo17, gamble10, companion18, thecrows18, doog14 from Switch It Up 242
-Donated pledge19, maouryuu19, america16, softhearted09, analyzer15, beauteous10, ssmotor10 to Switch It Up 242;
-Received fourteenate06 from Anniversary Day 6
-Received doog01, saplings01, moon01, fourteenate05 from Anniversary Day 5
-Received wildflower07, doog11, mikorin01, fourteenate04 from Anniversary Day 4
-Received icearrows03, nidaime16, fourteenate02 from Anniversary Day 2

-Received ssmotor01, beauteous10 from joining

-Received america16, analyzer15, doog13, doog17, maouryuu19, pledge19, softhearted09, testedone07 from joining


please trade sigs with me if i have any avaliable i think they're so cute!

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