This is my collection page for colors tcg, a card-collecting game hosted on dreamwidth! I've always loved the collecting aspect of tcgs while ignoring the actual gameplay part, so I'm really excited to be here!


Level: Blueberry

Joined: 6/6/24

DW Post:

Sketchpads Turned In: 15

x28 x24 x26 x28 x23 x21 x26 x23

Activity Log

-Donated prism09, aegisshield20, counter07 to Switch It Up 245;
-Donated *1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 333
-Donated aesthetic05 to Crazy Colors 300;
-Received aesthetic05, musician09, shardsword14, vitality16, aircraft09 from Most Wanted 127
-Traded false03, shadowwatch12, bioweapon16, sassy08, collar05, husband19, instrument02, mathematical04, sandals04, snotdrop17 to @byakkun for aerosmith03, ban05, ban06, beelzebub03, beelzebub12, beelzebub14, bigisland05, bigisland09, blocker18, brute16
-Received baking20, newmoon07, peaky03, cheat18, counter07, aristocracy03, sorcerer15, soul-getter08, calculations14, smellya07, kidnapped11, prism09, ratsbane01, devilsmilk03, lust09, ookwee01, parfaits10, lockers01, aegisshield20, maryudo04, fellstar08, dynasoldier11, phone16, bosozoku10 from Crazy Colors 300

-Donated cows18 to Crazy Colors 300;
-Received sirens01, gungi01 from Natsume's Book of Cards 202
-Donated airpirate16, crossroads18 to Natsume's Book of Cards 202;
-Received highstakes08, nico-nii04, espgame13, tuxedo02, nico-nii05, blush06, espgame16, highstakes09, blush07, blush08, espgame18 from Little Spell Academia 323
-Received mindreading02 as a gift from @twotwinks
-Received doot-doo06 as a gift from @allyrat
-Received shamblor02, wafu15, artskill07, solarsect13, iai01, coach19, astra06, easygoing14, firstsniper08, gecko02, dogoopencil04, bellflower18 from Hi-5 Radio 261
-Received animation11, valsena11, kizna20, yousei12, kyudo18, courtesan08, magnus03, puppet19, kawasumia17, bearhound17, picket02, lifestyle14, softhearted01, kinich09, troias10, lettuce09, lagoon06, chengdu16, borderline06, twirling16, spinningcut06, mysticeyes02, chiropteran07, witchhunter07, pandora05, flashystyle18, hazard06, meatbuns02, secondbest09, public02, *1 blue crayon from Colors Concentration 71
-Received osmanthus20, motion13, himegimi04, amberamour06, onemillionth14, ability05, denial14, akaoni02, sudarshan17, alluring01, dollie01, awakening09, greatera02, seventeen07, bringit17, cureyell09, buildstrike17, gorgeous12, flagpole20, pervy09, springbirds09, ontario15, mtsilver14, wish19, *2 red crayons from Lady Luck Slots 166
-Received hagios01, eyecolor07, charite04, boyfriends08, snowwitch07 from Coloring Book 332
-Received chomechome08, deathdrive12, alteregom01, gouf02, shadaloo04, divisionfour09, badpain11, chuu03, malewife15, corpse10, onlyfriend10, uncrowned05, grandprix02, understand10, comicbook01 from Seiyuu Guess 661
-Received loveng20, blush12, phagocyte01, straysheep04, razorfan02, raduga14, cellphones06, toadsage06 from Reading Between the Lines 404
-Received spiral07, maybirthday04, fireflies16, obedient16, receptors16, fellstar11, seychelles04, cider17, veneer20, passage15, dalmasca14, totaldrag17, excalipoor07, calming08, serious02, workouts07, boysteam11, slugger04, cupid13, cavernoftime07, hairloops02, cannoneer12, lovementor09, karasuno15, f-bomb18, baxia03, lastation20, raziel16, cry03, rekka14, *1 red crayon from Puzzle Chains 321
-Received *1 purple crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 red crayon from Colorseum 67-5
-Traded 4minutes16, blackrose03, elegant08, fascinated18, flying15, hyourinmaru19, perceive16, stowaways08, youngmen08, gakuran05, maleidols20 to @kuranosuke for businessman02, candidacy16, candidacy19, harass10, harass14, inadequate02, inadequate06, karaoke03, mercurial03, oathbrother08, sincerity19
-Received marching18, tamarin18, lastkiss01, weissfluegel13, littleevil04, wonderland08, frustrated07, jadeboat15, purple02, frolic06, reputation16, massacre06, fieldops03, ilmago18, pain01, syndicate02, fantasizing01, childsenpai13, reader20, gransys13, orangejuice13, hotcakes07, *1 green crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 253
-Received spellcaster17, fingernails18, calculation03, blush09, cascade20, nails20, *1 yellow crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 80
-Received brag02, formalcraft04, comicrelief15, lucille08, aimless13, horse05, doog05, veggies16, metaphysics08, marksieben09, marksieben07, up-front15, accomplice12, norende15, fox19, hedgehog17 from Coloring Book 333
-Received automail18, blooming15, fullmetal19, guessing14, haunt09, honkhonk01, kit-aura19, long-lived15, mystery16, quindecim13, shiitake01, yearsafter02, yearsafter11 from Recycled Art

-Received maddog02 from Riku's Favors 80
-Donated bodydouble02, bodydouble18, dragon-type13, espgame08, kou05, orichalcos19, shuffle05, blackbirds18 to Riku's Favors 80;
-Traded highborn10, sharpsoldier19 to @misheard for espgame15, maddog11
-Gifted devotedsaint12 to @misheard
-Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 333
-Donated inscribed07, misha19 to Silly Blanks 224;
-Received snail14, family09, trainride04, retroclover11, redhood10, thepoems12, woodland13, kaziklibey11, mercenary15, sketching04 from Silly Blanks 223
-Received energysword05, bloodlust18, coliseum17, greatwar08 from Go Fish! 420
-Received fracture01, yourbirth20, snagharpoon13, surgeon20, hinadolls08, samuraicat05, undying17, flirting06, bk-20103, fake19, commerce11, octava04, lightorbs20, nuvema18, eternia15, weblin16, mirrorself11, menhera04, bloodfang09, dismay01, magical06, reckless04, glowstone20, nobodies18, tart04 from Pick a Color 266
-Received arizona16, sleepmemory16, blackrose09, tempestissimo07, gao01, hapiara11, ship03, blacksorrow20, bushido08, funloving01, instrument02, superbeast09 from Directions 200
-Traded amulet08, appletick20, archenemy02, avalanche01, avenge18, blackkeys20, bladebreaker12, charisma11, chocobos03, espgame03, evolution20, gunblade19, highstakes01, highstakes05, ikushima13, incognita20, ink02, moon20, rabbit17, rattus01, snowflakes16, tennis18, trapped14, vidyadhara12 to @aroseofmay for ban10, clowns12, companion08, goofiness06, karaoke15, normie20, pigeonraid13, points03, policeman04, policeman18, sakanoshita17, sayuri01, shiratorizawa02, shiratorizawa19, snakesword09, speedosound05, stargazers04, strike19, suba-tomo15, thechariot14, villagerb05, weirdo01, youthful09, youthful18
-Received fodlan11, treasure17, hacker15, setter13, swirly08, choicepoker03, comet06, signorina08, editor06, staunch17, greenshell19 from Switch It Up 245
-Received sparky07, liliubelt20, blaming14, redshell15, atera08, distress18, poison14, call07, isaacnewton10, spika05, aureola02, spika01, vancoor03, lycee13, evenkeeled02, forever14 from Coloring Book 333

-Donated *1 red crayon to Coloring Book 333
-Donated explomb08, hotsprings02, deathangel07, rico04, shark08, summon15, daoshi14, custos02, hagios04, starrysea03, wrathful04 to Switch It Up 245;
-Traded halfninja07, normalgirl06, pipinghot19, robot04, robot14, skullbrooch12, volcanologist17 to @emoswears for dice08, hoomans02, housewife17, inheritance20, mikopi13, omaruza03, orphan13

-Traded ariadoney16, hanahazama02, represailles07, softness16, starfighter01 to @aratakis for figurine19, purify06, flamenco18, thebrain14, dentist06
-Traded bluebear09, chuchu03, clothing01, earring09, razorleaf12, tackle15, bouncer20, drag10, harp07, landfriend05, pikapapow04, pirateradio03, sixstars18, spiritualdog04, attends05 to @admiral for espgame03, espgame08, espgame19, highstakes01, highstakes05, highstakes10, mikopi02, mikopi05, blush05, blush14, kangel02, kangel05, kangel18, ultimate08, wizard17
-Received charisma11, moon20, whitepeach15, bahamut19, universe10 from Most Wanted 126
-Received imitation09, ofthesea16, aniki09, flamesgrace03, avalanche01, houdai04, ban16, rufous20, paprika01, obedient11 from Pokeradar 381
-Received fogdoor03, enjoysummer05, yuris12, call18, eyepatches14 from Anniversary Day 8
-Received corpse12, greece03, uberhero08, bandaged05, offering02, forest17 from Anniversary Day 13
-Received positives06, shanghai06, raitei02, lu-knight10, r-66y16, shikigami09, ghostlock01, amulet08 from Anniversary Day 18
-Received romanticnow01, swirly06, writemusic16, isaacnewton04, bibliotheca13 from Anniversary Day 20
-Received ikushima13, pirateradio01, metaphysics05, healthiest05, decide19 from No Context Theater 377
-Received rapunzel18, sandals04, rapunzel17, hagios04, bioweapon16 from No Context Theater 376
-Received sharpsoldier19, earlgrey14, stoneoven05, vidyadhara12, isaacnewton20 from No Context Theater 375
-Received sig_natalie from Art Studio
-Received melody13, minette03, victoria11, mob19, hisagomaru05, yamazaki18, formulas15, overblot12, sol09, juniorarmy20, *1 brown crayon from Scramble! 165
-Received prison02, rendere18, advisor17, levincia13, trapped14, stressed19, flotsam07, secretshop01, coarse12, djibril05, *1 blue crayon from Scramble! 164
-Received ivoryscale06, certaingiant15, engineer08, martuba11, polearms17, rescue09, countering20, jadebow07, hemingway19, trainer13, *1 orange crayon from Scramble! 163
-Received notlost04, notequal20, ishrasark15, yasutsuna01, aed06, germany08, kwando18, shield14, distracting01, reverie02 from Shadow Watching 308
-Received lulua13, step-mom06, logout20, slow16, kawayoo12, wolfbeil14, gameselect20, gasoline08, jupiter19, 026710 from Shadow Watching 307
-Received plasmastorm03, greatdane09, ehrgeiz13, honeyboy17, yo-yos17, megane12, honey14, painpeko20, kyrie17, crossroads18 from Shadow Watching 309
-Traded meatlover19, oneforall05, shy20 to @lady_paine for avarice10, rat09, hierophant06
-Received shoeless02, latent09, appletick20, tennis18, taurus16, rabbit17, siblings11, malewife18, pearljam04, earthpulse18, blitz09, dachshund08, powers01, villager18, wabisuke08, zanpakuto02, timid09, anti-skill12, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *2 yellow crayons, *1 purple crayon, *4 brown crayons from Art Shop

-Mastered Moon! | Received espgame11, espgame12, sevendays07, mretu12, *1 gray crayon
-Mastered Mariland! | Received moon19, moon20, grunties19, hoenn16, *1 red crayon
-Received highstakes06, espgame05, mariland16, espgame06, espgame08, mariland17, mariland08, highstakes07, blush03, mikorin03, espgame09, espgame10 from Little Spell Academia 322
-Received moon18, winterfairy08, scissors10, mahdad16, *1 blue crayon from levelling up | 1600 cards reached!
-Traded amon16 to @allyrat for rat17
-Traded amia10, argentea11, ein09, ein12, handicraft02, ikuoot04, jadecanary04, jewel12, kaminome18, kaminomimi17, knife04, magical15, maracas14, music05, mygo07, nee-san17, ocarina09, octbirthday17, oshiriz18, pe07, possess06, potent01, presence13, rpgmaker04, staff19, suidream12, taciturn09, teases13, touch11, violinist16, zodiac17, cosmoses16, homophobe08 to @aroseofmay for bartender05, crescent07, dragonfish06, fender13, flamenco07, friendship01, fukurodani08, guessing13, hiyamaru10, hungry04, hyakkaou20, inadequate09, jaded08, jaded18, janken05, jerk12, lawless19, lazy14, leicester04, lustful09, matagi15, mindreading14, mole09, mole17, negative-kun03, negative-kun19, negative-kun20, nightshade18, normie05, omaesan08, otsurikka06, psybeam09, psybeam11
-Traded paperbag13, hunting11, demolisher07, tactics18, cutie11, minami20, pawmot09, poultry13, tauburn19, umbilical07, zucchi12, furniture16 to @magaru for avarice08, avilio01, avilio02, avilio08, avilio12, beelzebub07, beelzebub10, beelzebub20, begging18, bestsenpai02, bigisland03, bigisland17
-Received caelestite11, testedone06, soprano11, spiritualdog04, illumination13, softness16, embership11, yummy06, xenon06, gorogoro08, pikapapow04, arsla08, shangun16, maous12, skycolor09, lewd08, glamour11, clothing01, queenanne03, prettygirls01, shangun12, embership03, confessions09, queenanne03, hommefatal12, saikaido01, energized11, trackteam16, bunnygirls06, vidame11, shadowwatch12, luci-nee17, volcanologist17, greatninja08, bladebreaker12, glamour08, bunnygirls04, false03, wrathful04, safetyfirst01, sniperrifle12, imposing08, queenanne12, robot14, robot04 from Release Roulette 35
-Received mio-fa10, gliese05, doujigiri13, incognita20, dead18, debauchery11, energysword08, martillo14, cocteau19, noriyuki11, janbirthday07, delivers04 from Hi-5 Radio 260
-Received greenery02, blacktrump07, leasing05, healer20, focusing05, zadnor13, hanahazama02, harpy14, youngmen08, catching18, moonbroke18, erdewiege14 from Hi-5 Radio 259
-Received kindheart19, aesfrost15, mol09, cherrypunk14, daydreams20, eyepatch04, trailer12, whistle03, crossveins06, distress18, gero16, stowaways08, fascinated18, older05, arcadestar09, kutanagi20, optimist16, gakuran05, videocamera10, pancakes17, dressupdoll11, rental19, ribbonbuster07, roaring19, ariadoney16, scrawl14, eulmore08, retrogames14, genome14, hodr19, *1 green crayon from Colors Concentration 70
-Received humungadunga08, divinebeast07, boxing06, avenge18, watergun07, orichalcos19, sillier08, harp07, drill14, weissfluegel09, husband19, emissary08, butlers13, snowflakes16, thirteenth01, heusc08, hermit20, vorvoros04, tagged14, archenemy02, gunpla18, evolution20, amarcian14, memoryheart11, far-flier01, wonderbolt18, taming10, orbit08, rattus01, iamyours15, *1 yellow crayon from Colors Concentration 69
-Received getiton11, marbirthday15, kingsaw02, gunblade19, stringless13, pipinghot19, shrine02, sumo09, rewinding19, bodydouble18 from Crazy Colors 299
-Received earnest08, calories15, bracer15, stubborn16, scholarship13, database19, sos09, unite02, heartereki18, normalgirl06, sonati07, subjecta14, tarts08, cas15, withdrawn20, express20, twinblade09, shark08, sassy08, ex-fiance06, perceive16, introverted08, akapi03, puppet02, *2 orange crayons from Lady Luck Slots 164

-Donated circus11 to Crazy Colors 299;
-Received *1 orange crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 blue crayon from Coloring Book 331
-Traded bluecat02, bluecat04, analyze16, dancer14, machinegun11, rusty02, voidwalker19, doctorine14, ikebana15, academia11, cakepig16, council01, one15, panic18, peakspider19, timekeeper20, viola05 to @scblakdrgon for ais11, arfer03, begging03, blooming16, caterpillar07, choicepoker20, figurine12, figurine16, finance12, freestyle02, speedosound01, staunch13, swirly02, swirly14, tablesalt04, thebrain06, thechariot11

-Received jewel12, murian07, bodydouble02, argentea11, pe07, peeping14, pinky15, viola05 from Reading Between the Lines 403
-Received goddess04, player115, theworld07, beasts03, drag10, observer09, saved16, successeur17, chuchu03, miracle-like08, purify01, demolisher07, sixlights19, stratagems01, americans02, swordspirit01, landfriend05, playgirl19, 7ofhearts19, chopping18, snotdrop17, mysterious02, pyromaniac09, meringue20, alchemist14, psychocut12, custos02, softbuns04, bikerboss14, kazu-kun04, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 320
-Received cascade02, mystery08, presence13, vice-captain11, peakspider19, *1 yellow crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 79
-Donated cascade01, surf11, entomologist17, firststring17, foxspirit18, gross19 to Riku's Favors 79;
-Received moon17, seacrusher18, skycrusher01, plasmastorm17, *1 brown crayon from levelling up | 1400 cards reached!
-Received *1 red crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 gray crayon, *1 green crayon from Colorseum 67-4
-Received transform19, pureenergy19, brokenrose16, dwn-04110, fieldwork11, broomstick15, realist08, thor04, virginity06, heartslabyul12, modeljob15, maiden09, paper05, ecchi20, *1 blue crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 252
-Received yamajorou18, furniture16, durandal02, powerplant01, throttle09, kozukioden04, freebird16, foxspirit18, tactics18, viperblade06, focused11, archer15, blackkeys20, shuffle05, speeddemon02, *1 orange crayon from Logician 031
-Traded roadroller10 to @oriondeshoutout for westalis18
-Received redcomet04, inquisition08, flytrap07, barrels05, gin01, embarrassed14, cloudcrest15, separate08, violinist16, engines14, king01, wealthy12, redbook03, scar08, megrez15, jadecanary04, nee-san17, deployment10, beyondard12, panic18, ikebana15, founding05, enlightened15, salvation16, nstackle08, curepeach07, elegant08, fivedays11, brising01, intellect20, pompadour13, spouse16, muramasa05, cyclone08, planetaria10, attends05, fengshui07, plegia13, fortunes19, cutie11, addicted07, stormwall06, do-it-all01, rural05, watchover01, deathangel07, psi16, sir03, nearlight20, tomboy03, sechs13, ocarina09, hyourinmaru19, skullstomp10, quadra08, signalflare17, curryudon13, magical15, qipao12, desserts13, noel02, bloodseals20, pimpmyride07, toman20, ironfist13, life-giver06, lying10, yoga16, braver11, hullabaloo14, entomologist17, kcpd20, bajiquan12, trackteam15, honeytachi10, dumbo18, vitasexualis08, taka12, bara15, distant13, surf11, arrogant18, flytrap05, lessons07, emblaze17, fiddle19, starfighter01, timekeeper20, sharpsoldier19, xrc19, ein09, represailles07, laughingfox09, highborn10, fevrith14, devotedsaint12, demondragon06, swirly04, zodiac17, bluecat04, kappa09, bluecat02, *1 red crayon, *1 orange crayon, *3 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *3 brown crayons, *2 gray crayons from Pot of Gold 121
-Received apples18, incontrol06, karaoke17 as a gift from @aratakis
-Traded astraltrain07, vidyadhara16, amanojaku09, giantsquid17, moros05, papilio14, picket13 to @aratakis for assassin19, harass11, inheritance04, muscular03, negative04, negative15, tablesalt11

-Donated adventure14, shield03 to Silly Blanks 223
-Received crabstache02, submarine11, homophobe08, cynophobia04, council01, perceives03, amia10, deadly14, faf-kun19 from Silly Blanks 222
-Received code0606, nyuudou10, platypus20 from Go Fish! 419

-Received invention07, viena11, cecaelia19, cards10, flying15, jiant10, motherhen19, tenkafubu02, motherhen08, trueofheart04, earthen17, vidyadhara16, casino07, spiritforest19, djkunoichi05, dancer14 from Coloring Book 332
-Received camping02, blackrose03, cakepig16, satsuma14, magimage03, papilio14, sanbaka03, seele01 from Booster Bundle 181
-Received halfninja07, otakuislove05, one15, spring15, childstar06, sakanoshita07, jinchuu12, candidacy12, bench17, sanzenri01 from Kotori's Costume Party 412

-Donated *1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 332
-Gifted *1 crayon rainbow to @cloud colors
-Gifted madeofcake02 to @cloudcolors
-Traded eo02 to @cloudcolors for honkhonk02
-Donated america14, bloodscythe13, nap14, onelife15, rep14, musical15, aki-lucky01, luanzang15, iinodoue07, tested07, yudofu01 to Pot of Gold 122;
-Received inscribed07, eo02, yudofu01, moros05, roadroller10 from Most Wanted 125
-Received spectate19, pittoo10, betreida10, colors05, letitgo10, disciple17, empty02, pacifism12, kou05, scale11, shield03, ikedaya07, popgun19, rico04, sinnoh19 from Pokeradar 380

-Received nico-nii02, wizard01, blueeyes03, highstakes04, nico-nii03, highstakes05, mariland13, mariland14, moon15, mariland15, moon16 from Little Spell Academia 321
-Received 00701, bondman01, westalis01, briar01 from Natsume's Book of Cards 200
-Donated 199303, vcr07, royalblade14, sadism19 to Natsume's Book of Cards 200;
-Received gekokujou02, teases13, chocobos03, dane20, gigolo07, hr16, righteye09, tackle15, marksieben07, playmusic05, cluelessone10, playmusic15, virtuous17, sixstars18, totohaha10, olympia14 from Coloring Book 332
-Received yanderes11, doot-doo17, confession12, fitness12, drawers08 from Switch It Up 244
-Traded kawakamit10, theundead20 to @misheard for aerosmith02, aerosmith11
-Received ofruin19 as a gift from heartsfate
-Traded ashore18, bigfall11, closed16, contests05, dancecrew03, facts11, hogyoku04, kunlun07, kwg06, maxter05, recharge11, see20, sillywood04, wise-crack18, cetra03, ascian20, cauldrons19, makaiju13, tribulatio19, companions20, abilities12, chocobo06, enterprise12, superboss16 to @heartsfate for dojima09, highstakes11, honkhonk12, mob13, osuwari11, rat02, veteran13, cringe14, flamenco03, huntress19, lawless06, lawless20, prince19, bigisland10, blackvoice05, bsaa07, clowns03, fodlan05, grandking04, shiratorizawa17, sliceoflife11, slopes09, slopes16, flirt04

-Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 332 -Donated f409, frozenheart10, forkceo01, gymnastics06, drawers08 to Switch It Up 244;
-Received musical15, physician12, rep14, player119, utsuwa15, genome01, powers05, america14, cyborg00201, amanojaku09 from Crazy Colors 298
-Donated dj05 to Crazy Colors 298;

-Received moon14, krauser16, san17, countrygirl19, *1 brown crayon from levelling up | 1200 cards reached!
-Traded animalcare11, bhavaagra19, breaking08, darkening06, emerald17, explosions03, focusing13, inchling16, loyalty20, nightbird17, ninjaclub11, pity05, plainasia07, player205, popgun20, story16, tenma16, tohoku02, zippo02 to @twotwinks for businessman07, collections02, dullahan02, emptylot11, fodlan19, hacker13, hoomans19, kit-aura14, matagi04, musicstart15, oathbrother19, pharaoh01, pigeonraid20, points06, poroneu20, snakesword14, sorceress03, strike13, veteran16
-Received gene05, fivedays06, skullbrooch12, dreamer20, gaia11, machinegun11, regeneration14, foul05 from Reading Between the Lines 402
-Received whips14, factor09, wafu03, fortissimo02, aki-lucky01, fitness11, tested07, pachinko17, hundred14, dhill06, custard12, knife04, potent01, fightingsp13, fracture09, drunkenfist20, trielemental17, allnight11, kokoro11, hierophant09, pig04, theinferno01, draculina14, fascinated19, all-outkiss03, waka-sama04, sultry10, stepsister12, mega-playboy20, onelife15, *1 purple crayon from Puzzle Chains 319
-Received one-track02, summerbunny05, survivor02, cascade01, blueeyes14, *1 green crayon, *1 purple crayon from Riku's Favors 78
-Received *1 green crayon, *1 orange crayon, *1 red crayon, *1 yellow crayon from Colorseum 67-3
-Donated awaking16, deardaniel17, survivor06, ice-cold15, pharaoh06 to Riku's Favors 78;
-Received fitness05, fitness13, housework01, housework03, housework06, housework09, kensetsu02, kensetsu03, kensetsu06, kensetsu11, kensetsu14, kensetsu15, kensetsu17, mercurial01, mercurial07, mercurial09 from Recycled Art
-Traded bully04, gemknight15, greenday03, persevere09, psybeam15, shounenfan03, smol20, thebird07 to @koinuko_colors for hiraikotsu16, icequeen18, survivor06, survivor18, auction19, hairloss13, kronies16, lascivious08
-Received mikopi14 as a gift from @notvampire
-Received sphinx212, luanzang15, wonderboy18, giantsquid17, certaingiant17, fuyu11, voidwalker19, nap14, ostia07, thereaper13, serena11, droopy02, frozenheart10, secretrealm08, *1 purple crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post

-Donated undress13, spiderqueen05 to Silly Blanks 222
-Received anija02, mushi17, iinodoue07, analyze16, falborg01, academia11, ugly14, iaidou19, astraltrain07, hais12, hagios08, mygo07, nindol19, *2 orange crayons, *1 yellow crayon from Anniversary Day 14
-Received picket13, squadace11, catgirl11, executed07, age-101, abcsoflove16, bloodscythe13, shiishii04, deardaniel17, beanie19 from Silly Blanks 221
-Received *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *2 brown crayons, *2 gray crayons from Pick a Color 265
-Traded astraltrain16, astrolabos06, cubes01, determined17, girlfriends08, onesie01, onesie12, x-clips03 to @emoswears for amon16, assassin18, inadequate10, inheritance11, minimum01, muscular04, muscular09, yaoi04

-Received karegia20, ikazuchi05, fishing13, softness17, noblesavage03, bouncer20, kiccigiorgi02, doctorine14, oyaji09, awaking16, adventure14, rusty02, *1 orange crayon, *1 yellow crayon, *1 blue crayon, *1 gray crayon from Deck Donation
-Traded betting17, snakewoman14, flowers07, darkloid20 to @crabg1rl for dojima02, mikopi08, mikopi19, mariland19
-Traded killertennis10, monarch10, shiroiwa11, shiketsu02 to @aratakis for mikopi04, mikopi16, ripple11, crush15
-Traded baxia07, suihua18, yanzhuo01, precise18, sprinting02, windcrystal18, breeding15, tenjiryuu18, blueribbon13, conflicted13, galax15, kalos02, karmicloop18, passive17, silverrose19, unkillable09 to @scblakdrgon for mariland18, maddog10, dojima20, blueeyes01, blueeyes15, kangel11, osuwari13, amon07, crush09, ghostalley02, hiraikotsu02, hiraikotsu11, rat13, ripple13, incontrol05, survivor06
-Traded lettuce15 to @borabene for maddog15
-Traded spika19, archers04, bon13, chuunin10, conqueror14 to @aroseofmay for mikopi01, thebrain11, thebrain13, pout17, ripple08
-Traded brahmastra06, phonograph16, 199801, allevils20, artists02, billiards15, blackfang05, clocks19, deities07, fandead02, forklift20, himecuts20, islove20, live01, lugnica14, mascot03, nohr08, obliged16, qliphoth16, raindance09, remember12, waddle08, waxingmoon17 to @moes for assassin12, hairloss03, hairloss12, harass01, hinadolls13, hiraikotsu08, hiraikotsu17, housewife16, illusion14, karaoke01, libero04, setter06, wry17, zomrades18, finance07, finance11, finance16, pharaoh06, pharaoh06, reading19, spoons19, temperament15, villagerb13
-Traded up-front08, pinkpearl06 to @misheard for mariland12, mariland20

-Gifted leocorp14 to @koinuko_colors
-Received nekoma12, thebrain08, thebrain17, friendship06, friendship11, hacker10, matsurisu02, eyes15, hiyamaru15, jankenpon10, one-track18, purify12, stammi14, temperament18, wizard07, speedosound04, ultimate17, bartender03, kira11, lawless13, museum14, survivor09, novelist03, sliceoflife09, tuxedo10 from Switch It Up 244
-Received guarddog11, zucchi12, kalosqueen14, illomen15, liliubelt08, inchling16, bouquet12, idolfangirl20, girlfriends08, orchids14, astraltrain16, spika19, air03, prophet18, communication05, kattobing16 from Coloring Book 332

-Received espgame02, blush02, moon12, moon13, espgame03, mariland10, highstakes02, espgame04, mariland11, highstakes03 from Lady Luck Slots 165
-Donated *1 red crayon to Coloring Book 332
-Donated loptous15, childhood14, amanojaku01, bleep18, branchgate12, scholarship15, sunk16, poverty13, sugarman11, takeout06, sapientia16, pearl08, stronger10, shishou04, talisman06, smart16, yomihime17, boogiepop02, boogiepop08, bonfire16, snowcountry05, taxidriver10, cuter07, freaking05, twinstar05 to Switch It Up 244;
-Gifted signlanguage06 to @magaru
-Gifted iracundus14 to @scblakdrgon
-Gifted firstroom07 to @crabg1rl
-Gifted holypriest20 to @allyrat
-Received holypriest20, saturn15, firstroom07, signlanguage06, iracundus14 from Most Wanted 124
-Mastered Tenseiga! | Received moon11, blackhorns08, swiftblade20, *1 gray crayon
-Received moon10, baxia07, clocks19, prelude04, *1 purple crayon from levelling up | 1000 cards reached!

-Received tenseiga20, gross19, bodybuilding18, bon13, naginata08, breeding15, sanctioned07, mold07, azuresea11, containment14, taka-chan04, handicraft02, pearl08, *2 red crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon, *2 brown crayons from Art Shop
-Received earring17, precise18, pinkpearl06, childhood14, earring09, male05, ki07, lettuce15, phoenix18, bartender16, points09, leeks14, kaminomimi17, seventeen15, omega01, music05, macaroon01, determined17, tanuki20, barrier02, idiot06, maru11, idiot18, inadequate12, omega10, tanuki16, cubes01, shakugan08, cuter07, billiards15 from Release Roulette 34
-Received superiority07, firststring17, waxingmoon17, echooflife15, naughtybear01, earthen15 from Hi-5 Radio 258
-Received loneliest20, carnation14, matriarch06, splendid20, mediator02, protective11 from Hi-5 Radio 257
-Received switch17, kem11, oilpainting15, daoshi14, oneshot13, facts11, razorleaf12, mourning14, suba-tomo05, eterna17, kishin16, bonfire16, mmlove02, neatfreak17, punishment18, unicorn16, kaminome18, unlicensed18, soulunion19, loyalty20, maracas14, blueribbon13, theguard20, ignored20, dojang05, nishi06, tentacles14, remember12, zerochild14, dreamyball17, *1 purple crayon from Colors Concentration 68
-Received cascade05, pawmot09, zeus04, sassy11, wayfarer03, retaliate17, paperbag13, rep07, tenderthief12, qliphoth16, lugnica14, melnics18, athena10, foolslove06, leocorp14, hawkedge07, commander03, worldchain19, darkloid20, frogcurse17, rivalry04, gameselect09, firstofficer01, pantheress20, flowers07, pikohan08, magnus05, karaya03, zoidmodels05, devon17, *1 purple crayon from Colors Concentration 67
-Donated *1 gray crayon to Art Shop
-Received underwater05, shiroiwa11, kalos02, archers04, swimtrunks13, ikuoot04, abilities12, thecrows04, ldc12, lightaltar01, sugitan08, nohr08, raildex20, pirates19, heartshaped16, waterelmt18, gnosis16, himecuts20, miraikikan02, theundead20, region19, circus11, octbirthday17, namimori15, *1 yellow crayon, *2 green crayons, *1 brown crayon from Lady Luck Slots 163
-Received staff19, kunlun07, persevere09, galax15, playing09, fallere13, killertennis10, blackbirds18, teddybear09, ikedaya18, tenma16, blackfang05, detonator10, analog14, bye-bye16, frogs10, hymmeli16, uranohoshi16, metallica07, crowseye04, ichi-go04, pitviper04, ice-cold15, pebble03, *2 gray crayons from Lady Luck Slots 162
-Received phonograph16, anyone13, mana13, snakewoman14, madeofcake02 from Coloring Book 330
-Received excitable08, karas07, pigeons08, animalcare11, mathematical04, sleepmemory10, see20, dqo03, snowcountry05, dancecrew03, reactions09, cloudcrest08, wet04, tauburn19, player205 from Seiyuu Guess 658
-Received florist05, forklift20, luin09, yard01, magicaloid4415, mirrorlake03, whiskey18, hotsprings02, ki18, ink02, cruxis07, yosakoi07, distracting04, girly01, eraser01, docile07, acceleration12, train16, mint03, curecosmo02, etherrifle03, fraurubin11, ninjaclub11, sinners15, backdraft16, innocence09, riskbreaker14, sunk16, bigfall11, imposing10, bocchi18, bhavaagra19, darkening06, scrambled14, undress13, taciturn09, tears04, graywolf06, conflicted13, minami20, talisman08, psybeam15, pole14, melancholy09, 199801, cows18, waddle08, witness08, pinkshadow17, sugarman11, kawakamit10, robberfly17, deities07, comakarma01, demifiend20, pk17, islero07, paramedic02, highjumping14, takeout06, redlights10, detention06, ornithology01, smelt05, mascot03, tribulatio19, ooji-ya07, shintenshin16, caelin14, gungnir09, amanojaku01, gald02, *2 red crayons, *1 orange crayon, *2 brown crayons, *1 gray crayon from June Activity Rewards
-Received tenseiga10, highstakes01, blush01, tenseiga12, mariland06, tenseiga14, mariland07, tenseiga17, tenseiga19, moon06, mariland09, moon09 from Little Spell Academia 320
-Donated seishun16 to Natsume's Book of Cards 199
-Received missdeep18, anima09, staunch09, sapientia16, artemis16, focusing13, rewrite13, fandead02, gorilla18, umbilical07 from Crazy Colors 297

-Donated commentator07 to Crazy Colors 297;
-Traded littlemermaid04, medicalinfo13 to @crabg1rl for espgame17, wildflower19
-Traded nonocchi11, otedama09, petting15, phan-site14 to @drmcasts for cosplays17, illusion15, stargazers05, crescent11
-Received fuee19, sincerity01, presence13, eponassong09, cascade01, *1 green crayon, *1 blue crayon from Riku's Favors 77
-Traded acorn16, sugarcookie05 to @iheartzombiez for sariassong08, shiitake17

-Donated vape13, adorable19 to Silly Blanks 221;
-Donated heyheyhoh07, knowledge03, wristband12, rosy03, pawmot11 to Riku's Favors 77;
-Mastered Bungee! | Received tenseiga04, soleally16, brahmastra06, *1 yellow crayon
-Received tenseiga01, tenseiga02, summon15, database13, concern12, ashore18, suidream12, *1 orange crayon, *1 blue crayon from levelling up | 800 cards reached!
-Traded spika08, ambidex03, decbirthday19, develop09, el07, embodiment14, kurogane18, mercenaries14, newmaid10, songstress14, sweatdrops06, versicolor18, young17, youngboys04, chemist01, lfg18 to @aroseofmay for healthiest03, amon17, begging09, blocker07, blocker09, bloodbag20, bsaa13, collections13, convict12, cringe01, escapeking09, forgery02, frailskill10, henshin15, kensetsu07, kensetsu10
-Traded bigg01, cauldrons19, hunting11, nightbird17, swap10 to @hyoga for tenseiga03, tenseiga05, tenseiga08, tenseiga11, tenseiga18
-Received yanzhuo01, therese10, requiem14, cosmoses16, makaiju13, tsunderella13, bully04, seishun16 from Reading Between the Lines 401
-Received susanoo19, pawmot11, forkceo01, fan17, vice-captain06, myprince15, druid05, ets01, sbjk15, chocobo06, saiarks17, ram14, sugarcookie05, coronation10, kawarimi20, sprinting02, newworld02, daein04, captain09, cetra03, ring-doh12, peregrine16, izumo03, contests05, gemknight15, yaoi12, greatchief17, golem10, karmicloop18, odd09, *1 blue crayon from Puzzle chains 318
-Received *1 purple crayon, *2 yellow crayons, *1 green crayon from Colorseum 67-2
-Received possess06 from Logician 30
-Received words04, betting17, silverrose19, shounenfan03, missions02, dwn-04110, allevils20, talisman06, shirosouzoku11, boogiepop02, entermachine04, knight16, spiderqueen05, vietnamwar07, greenday03, bling14, poultry13, dituono19, *1 gray crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 250
-Received up-front08, unkillable09, musashino07, bastion05, oshiriz18, mypast15, gymnastics06, distant07, 10join14, tenjiryuu18, emerald17, heyheyhoh07, informant15, chuunin10, obliged16, glassheart18, vape13, mob19, entrails12, artists02, fireflies18, odinsword14, yinyang14, yamazaki11, razorfan12, zippo02, mibugumi16, koisuru02, islove20, x-clips03, manches19, f409, eraserhead01, passive17, amara09, clubfun06, intimidating01, panzer18, live01, 4minutes16, darii09, vesta18, mu12, popgun20, cafenagi06, thebird07, wolfdogs18, windcrystal18, misha19, cryomancy08, collar05, twinstar05, kaichou05, wrongbag03, wise-crack18, astrolabos06, kerchief15, decadence19, medium18, stickynotes06, pity05, wristband12, starrysea03, ciaossu09, bluebear09, explosions03, lignumvitae08, pirateradio03, romanticnow20, ein12, *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *1 green crayon, *1 purple crayon, *1 gray crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 250

-Received ais17, ais18, ais19, ais20, aquarium06, assal13, begging02, begging04, begging08, bestsenpai08, bestsenpai14, blocker04, candidacy05, candidacy06, clowns06, idolclub10, idolclub18, stands01, stands03, stands06, gottasmoke11, housewife04, kit-aura06, kusarigama12, libero11, libero14, libero16, member-sheep11, mole02, nanika12, positive-kun02, positive-kun08, positive-kun13, sakanoshita12, sariassong11, torture16, torture18, toss10, wingspiker13, wingspiker19 from Recycled Art
-Traded isaacnewton07, clothespeg13, 2ofhearts18 to @borabene for healthiest02, vice-captain19, grandking18
-Traded eternalice02, funeral01, calamitas03, prinzessin10, battlestorm14, joachim12, ambition10, duel15, gemini02, nil13, pressure18, earlgrey03, sig_natalie to @scblakdrgon for assassin08, attendant20, beelzebub01, beelzebub04, bigisland02, bigisland13, bigisland14, bigisland20, blooming01, blooming09, blooming11, whatwhat04, sig_adelicya
-Received whatwhat01, arfer01, rooooowf01, ah-rooooo01, ya-tchi01, healthiest01, swirly01, earlgrey03, isaacnewton07, spika08, bungee19, bungee20, nico-nii01, hisui16, sig_natalie from Release 170
-Received maleidols20, homura03, memoryheart11, smol20, desudesu07, ptsd12, swap10, suihua18, sandevistan12, songstress14, shinyrod01, fireflies03, hotblooded16, bajiquan17, kittywitch06, distracting13, drunkenfist02, zolgen20 from Silly Blanks 220
-Received stronger10, tohoku02, nurturesp13, blueimpulse06, malignant10, theaterclub12, lunartear08, anima07 from Booster Bundle 180
-Received karaoke14, begging10 from Switch It Up 243
-Traded fourteenate18 to @twotwinks for nekoma19
-Traded illdoc18, noble16 to @ourdivinecomedy for dentist02, museum15

-Donated cheesyfood15, doumei03 to Switch It Up 243;
-Received bungee18, melnics13, pressure18, *1 gray crayon from levelling up! | 600 cards reached!
-Traded phonograph12, alteregom13, aprbirthday14, archisorte17, dango05, darkflame01, exploits02, fatal16, fodlan01, foursky06, gaia17, gungnir14, hyper18, jadecanary05, psyncer02, seventh06, steelpipe07, ultimateshot06 to @moes for avarice11, goraishi12, highstakes15, inadequate04, maddog05, miasma07, rat10, clairvoyant01, cosplays08, cosplays13, crazyd11, dogkeeper16, dullahan03, hierophant13, minimum08, nekko02, painpeko19, poroneu03
-Traded please19, blackblood07, devilexam10, figments09, himbos06, zoaholic05 to @koinuko for minimum02, goofiness13, michelle02, objection01, policeman07, poroneu18
-Mastered Fourteenate! | Received calamitas03, archisorte17, mypace15, *1 red crayon, sensible01, sensible02, sensible03, sensible04, sensible05, sensible06, sensible07, sensible08, sensible09, sensible10, sensible11, sensible12, sensible13, sensible14, sensible15, sensible16, sensible17, sensible18, sensible19, sensible20

-Received ability11, kaichou02, kaichou03, libero15, merakyats04, icequeen14, ais10, nimtype10, oathbrother14, thehand20 from Shake It Up 243
-Received housepet05, satinribbon06, monotone14, youmu04, grabhorns16, warlord11, x1603, megu08, messages11, can09, onesie03, bodymirror12, gigant20, albion01, grave01, bendback18 from Coloring Book 331
-Received fourteenate18 from Anniversary Day 21
-Received fourteenate17, dj05, drummer18, darkflame01, aman19, teni08, smart-mouth12, darktailor01, fatal16, guanyin01, twentyone12, vaneltia04, far-flier05, ahoy16, chopsticks16 from Anniversary Day 17
-Traded lettuce16 to @misheard for mariland05

-Donated catastrophe05, lewdness04, loleus13, earrings12, emerald08, ones12, honneamise06, darkarts03, hotheaded16, choir20 to Switch It Up 243;
-Received lettuce16, shy20, eternalice02, blocker06, embodiment14 from Most Wanted 123

-Received flame02, mariland03, bungee15, bungee16, mariland04, moon04, moon05 from Little Spell Academia 319
-Donated prophet02, spaceship08 to Natsume's Book of Cards 198;
-Received bungee14, sticker11, acorn16, *1 purple crayon from levelling up | 500 cards reached!
-Received sons15, faithfulspy15, phonograph12, mana01, darkarts03 from No Context Theater 373
-Received rancorem16, passively06, chairwoman19, shiketsu02, littlemermaid04 from No Context Theater 374
-Received ruby14, seeds14, spaceship08, hikikomori15, 199303, prinzessin10, kahina11, dixneuf06, aokiji18, brute10, *1 green crayon from Scramble! 162
-Received bal18, sunfighter02, taiyaki03, counselor09, amaranthine14, cottage10, subjectb13, thavas08, momijigari17, destined17, *1 red crayon from Scramble! 161
-Received viola14, jadecanary05, commentator07, fingernails19, animator19, nichirinjou17, greatchief02, all10, songforyou05, unicolyon08 from Shadow Watching 305
-Received mechapilots02, loleus13, patients07, dwn-01019, lovetalk04, dwn-01216, lfg19, wildlion05, minister11, earrings12 from Shadow Watching 306

-Received keeper01, duel15, housewife07, avarice03, explomb08, ae8607, sinker13, gemini02, horizons13, paired20 from Crazy Colors 296
-Received constellation02, greenshell09, milkymode16, koukaotaku09, newmaid10, ones12, stickynotes16, artskill03, crystaldust08, newgen14, policelady13, muchourin01, rosy03, usu06, superboss16, dojikko05 from Reading Between the Lines 400
-Received frederick03, rian17, narcoleptic09, emotional07, accountant07, fuuma04, specialduty18, sadism19, bleep18, kittywitch06, sacrificial10, riverbank08, hogyoku04, dullahan08, glass15, panepon13, hayato16, ultimateshot06, mercenaries14, chemist01, dango05, please19, nosy20, bearanima13, seventh06, sweatdrops06, beargguy04, gaia17, minette17, formulas09, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 317
-Received freakin05, hunting11, uphim12, smoke17, bodyswap06, singer16, parting16, gungnir14, breaking08, everyday07 from Silly Blanks 219
-Traded pandaemonium01 to @sefikura for constellation14
-Donated melnics02 to Crazy Colors 296;
-Received bungee13, yomihime17, netopia01, *1 red crayon from levelling up | 400 cards reached!
-Traded beginner17, naa-chan19, x-clips18, sig_natalie to @emoswears for espgame14, finance17, kangel19, sig_tsukinio

-Received *1 green crayon, *1 orange crayon from Anniversary Day 7
-Received fourteenate15, doumei03, esaka02, runa13, burdened12, creaming18, walpurgis16, cauldrons19, precision07, taxidriver10, prophet02, hugs07, antiqueshop09, rifle15, aprbirthday14, melnics02, honneamise06, catastrophe05, balanced12, smart16, bluedragon16, youngboys04, funeral01, emerald08, bakery06, raindance09, kronies12, mathematics16, el07, scholarship15, devilexam10, *1 blue crayon from Anniversary Day 15
-Received *2 green crayons, *1 grey crayon, *1 purple crayon from Colorseum 67-1
-Received signorina09, sincerity15, damsel04, mystery01 from Riku's Favors 76
-Received x-clips18, recharge11, haunt13, pygmy16, knowledge03, clones08, lewdness04, young17, torchic03, garrison12, develop09, dragon-type13, noble16, branchgate12, first03, exodus10, airpirate16, sigma10, gyarurun15, ghost20, adorable19, alteregom13, johns08, *1 brown crayon from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 249

-Donated mesmerizing07, trash11, incite20 to Silly Blanks 220;
-Donated thehag03, furpelt15, inkblast15, optimistic10 to Riku's Favors 76;
-Received bungee12, needles01, fourteenate20 from Anniversary Day 20
-Traded stowaways18, dotdotdot16, nonbinary12, ram09, 5minutes06, nezumijodo02, smitten03, swarm11, vaniville16, folklorist08, bookstore18, socialite05, fanalis11, rukh17, icearrows03, unimpressed12, snowwhite07, forget03, calligraphy10 to @kuranosuke for collections11, dice01, familiaran11, familiaran16, finance04, flamenco14, fuee13, fuee20, hiraikotsu18, hiyamaru02, lend14, poroneu05, poroneu07, rat05, sorceress14, stargazers10, survivor04, tablesalt01, veteran07
-Received sig_natalie from Art Studio

-Donated mtooe05, pms18, fang06 to Art Studio;
-Mastered saplings! | Received bungee11, exploits02, thehag03, *1 red crayon
-Received saplings19, saplings20, fourteenate18 from Anniversary Day 18
-Received saplings16, saplings17, saplings18, fourteenate19 from Anniversary Day 19
-Received curecosmo19, dear10, lastprincess05, furpelt15, companions20, owari16, vcr07, shishou04, seele17, daein06, inkblast15, story16, naglfar07, bolt10, versicolor18, fang06, fruitist08, fruitist08, shounen15, blacksorrow20, bolverk02, blackblood07, hyper18, psg111, optimistic10 from Pick a Color 264

-Received mushroom14, copying13, lieutenant01, killerqueen04, lyrics09, cheater03, sickhack05, goraishi14, thecrows04, creaming20 from Switch It Up 243
-Traded cousins17, darkspirit11, himecuts04, jiggies07, lilies17, newborn04, qliphoth03, hugecoffin05 to @phibby for tenseiga16, avilio16, blueeyes02, espgame07, kira18, maddog13, muda20, sayuri09
-Donated cathedra19, unicornmaiden14, reactions18, shades04, engrish09, unbrilliant12, scuro06, eye14, rise01, allergen20, badbreath19, cupcake09, churchgrim05, mepo20 to Pot of Gold 121;
-Received conqueror14, choir20, sevendays13, gapyear01, unimpressed12, petting15, placetobe06, hirarin18, faithfulspy06, onesie12, onesie01, joachim12, clothespeg13, unicornmaiden14, naa-chan19, nails08 from Coloring Book 331
-Donated adven-tour11, america11, eldarian11, changeform13, feel13, nidothing01, first18, friction08, greatwar20 to Switch It Up 243;
-Received saplings15, smitten03, calligraphy10, *1 green crayon from levelling up | 300 cards reached!
-Received phan-site14, cheesyfood15, golfclub05, certain01, socialite05, risotto12, greatwar20, battlestorm14, nonocchi11, oneforall05 from Crazy Colors 295
-Traded onceupon14, sig_natalie to @borabene for tenseiga06, sig_borabene

-Donated *1 brown crayon to Coloring Book 331
-Received saplings13, moon07, fourteenate16 from Anniversary Day 16
-Donated alarmclock14 to Crazy Colors 295;
-Received amon04, assassin16, bungee17, craven02, craven03, craven14, editor02, fodlan01, fodlan01, fodlan03, fodlan04, fodlan18, fodlan20, gyarus11, mmlove19, mushroom20, nightshade08, fodlan02, frailskill16, hinadolls11, hiyamaru12, jaded19, magikoopa15, magikoopa19, minimum13, orphan12, peakspider19, policeman19, pout19, purify10, tenseiga07, tenseiga09, treasure06, treasure11, treasure19, youthful15, youthful20 from Recycled Art
-Received tenseiga13, onceupon14, alarmclock14, hugecoffin05, figments09 from Most Wanted 122
-Mastered doog! | Received saplings12, ambidex03, comet03, *1 green crayon
-Received doog19 from Art Shop
-Traded hemingway03, sig_natalie to @allyrat for musicstart06, sig_ally

-Donated *1 brown crayon to Art Shop
-Received doog18, shamanking03, stowaways18, *1 purple crayon from levelling up | 200 cards reached!
-Received scion01, doog16, saplings11, saplings10, saplings09, saplings08, yearsafter01, bungee10, mariland02, saplings07 from Little Spell Academia 318
-Received diva01 from Natsume's Book of Cards 197
-Donated yasutsuna07 to Natsume's Book of Cards 197;
-Traded mana05, shibari03, brokenhalo03, frasco02, flament02, reviewer03, anyone20, madeofcake02, sig_natalie to @koinuko_colors for hiraikotsu04, disciple20, finance03, mikopi17, nekko04, omaruza04, orphan04, purify11, sig_koinuko
-Received hotheaded16, shades04, eldarian11, ram09, curelamer05, zoaholic05, america11, cologne01, deceptively01, engrish09, beginner17, foursky06 from Hi-5 Radio 256
-Received pandaemonium01, jiggies07, uranus02, nonbinary12, pms18, president03, kurogamon06, allcute13, nolife15, otedama09, 5stars17, touch11, sigma03, ofthewhite19, kosmos03, upperfour05, medicalinfo13, newborn04, hajakensho06, guidebook01, first18, southtown14, feel13, indistress05, chains06, monarch10, rpgmaker04, pigment20, robotter17, peshent08, *1 orange crayon from Colors Concentration 66
-Received ascian20, wisewolf09, nebula12, closed16, vaniville16, dioxide03, pursuit13, hr20, forget03, infirmary18, teases10, hemingway03, drawers08, anatta16, trash11, honesty17, unlucky02, bookstore18, folklorist08, 2ofhearts18, lasagna02, rise01, boogiepop08, 5minutes06, *2 brown crayons from Lady Luck Shots 161

-Received loptous15, darkspirit11, jujutsu08, lilies17, nidothing01, plainasia07, royalblade14, swarm11, asapin20, schwarzer02 from Crazy Colors 295
-Received dogkeeper01 from Switch It Up 242
-Donated seafriend12 to Crazy Colors 295;
-Received bungee05, bungee06, bungee07, bungee08, bungee09, fourteenate14 from Anniversary Day 14
-Received signorina20 from Riku's Favors 75
-Received *3 blue crayons, *1 yellow crayon from Colorseum 66-5

-Donated taguel14 to Switch It Up 242;
-Donated thehag01 to Riku's Favors 75;
-Donated obsessed11, rusty07 to Silly Blanks 219;
-Received cousins17, nociceptor13, fanalis11, novelist10, himbos06, egotistical01, gankutsuou01, paintbrush01 from Reading Between the Lines 399
-Received allergen20, kwg06, purgatory02, mepo20, reactions18, ruemorgue12, decbirthday19, poroneu08, rusty07, haircolor13, wodontimes13, layer17, qliphoth03, armbands02, ambition10, seafriend12, greateye12, incite20, sillywood04, horizons02, yasutsuna07, dane07, mesmerizing07, scuro06, abuse15, changeform13, cupcake09, hatchin10, steelpipe07, taguel14, *1 blue crayon from Puzzle Chains 316
-Received doog15, joestar02, fourteenate13 from Anniversary Day 13

-Received bigg01, buttons01, mysweet01, mana05, shibari03, brokenhalo03, frasco02, flament02, reviewer03, anyone20, madeofcake02, mariland01, bungee04, moon03, saplings06, flame01, espgame05, doog12, maddog01, sig_natalie from Release 169 (May)
-Received sig_natalie, sig_natalie, sig_natalie from getting a signature!

-Received fourteenate12, sons11 from Anniversary Day 12
-Received fourteenate03, maxter05, badbreath19, placetobe10, adven-tour11, meatlover19, psyncer02, obsessed11, tokugawa13, excommander20, eye14, *1 brown crayon, *1 gray crayon from Anniversary Day 3
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-Traded blackpowder07 to @aroseofmay for amon13

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-Traded anyone13 to @koinuko_colors for moon08
-Received churchgrim05, friction08, madbloom13, anyone13, beautytips15, eyerolls08, mossdeep07, thehag01 from Crazy Colors 294
-Donated cursedspirit08 to Crazy Colors 294;
-Received doog02, doog03, fourteenate09 from Anniversary Day 9
-Received gibson12, cathedra19, psyco07, motiondesign19, snowwhite07, fourteenate07 from Anniversary Day 7
-Received blackpowder07, cursedspirit08, backlace09, chinatown20, shardbinder10, fourteenate01 from Anniversary Day 1

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-Received fourteenate06 from Anniversary Day 6
-Received doog01, saplings01, moon01, fourteenate05 from Anniversary Day 5
-Received wildflower07, doog11, mikorin01, fourteenate04 from Anniversary Day 4
-Received icearrows03, nidaime16, fourteenate02 from Anniversary Day 2

-Received ssmotor01, beauteous10 from joining

-Received america16, analyzer15, doog13, doog17, maouryuu19, pledge19, softhearted09, testedone07 from joining

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