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tw: this post includes brief mention of potentially triggering topics

when i created this blog, i knew for sure that i wanted to make an essay-like entry discussing the relationship between media and reality. i find the internet anti-ship vs pro-ship rhetoric extremely fascinating for two main reasons: 1) i'm an english major and i do a lot of thinking about that stuff in general and 2) i tend to enjoy very unsavoury media that antishippers frown at. because of the latter, i take this topic very seriously, and because of the former, i have to be an annoying Intellectual about it.

for that reason, i'm having a hard time drafting my post. there's a lot i want to talk about in regards to this all, and when i began making bullet points to start figuring out sequencing, i realized i want to put a lot more work into it than previously anticipated! how can i discuss stephen king's novel rage and its connections to real school shootings that led to its end of publication without having read it? how can i talk about j.d. salinger's the catcher in the rye in association with the murder of john lennon (as well as other shootings) if i haven't read it either? how can i outline the chamblee hostage incidents link to domino's "avoid the noid" campaign without sufficient research?

this is a topic i want to treat with the care and complexity it deserves, but it's difficult to find time for such an undertaking knowing its just going on my little site. i haven't given up on this completely, but i know it'll take a very long time. i guess this post is just to lightly showcase some things i'm thinking about in regards to it? that how media and reality intersect is so deeply dependent on the human experience, and that the human experience is never black and white. even if you try to purify everything something as simple as a pizza mascot can be and has been the catalyst for incident.

in any case, if you know about any other real examples of media influencing actions in real life, i'd love to hear them! any other discussion about this topic or your experience with it is always welcome as well.

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