looking at myself as a poet


currently, i'm taking a poetry class at my university. i've done a similar class before with the same professor (a poet whose name i fear attaching to this site), and it was under her teaching in the previous class that i realized i really enjoy writing poetry. before then, i had favoured myself a prose man, dabbling in fanfic and dreaming up all kinds of stories i'd novelize one day. but i never wrote anything truly worth reading, aside from a few scenes here and there that never got finalized or put on ao3. poetry is different. maybe it just comes to me easier or the shorter form is more conductive to my thoughts. but i generally like my poems, no matter how much time passes between writing and rereading. i think my professor has been inflating my confidence a bit too. she just published marks for our midterm portfolio and i did well. she left a little voice note mentioning how she appreciates my comments in class.

in the past, i've joked to friends about publishing poetry i'd written to make a quick buck. the thought process was if people could eat up poets like rupi kaur (who, in my opinion, is not writing poetry in any substantial way) then my poetry should be well received. i never dared place myself in conversation with (people i consider to be) real poets, or that my poetry could be accepted by people who truly read poetry. basically, i knew that i want to publish a book of poetry at some point, if i'm able, but i never once considered myself a poet.

after this assignment feedback though? i caught myself thinking this is something i could do. of course i'm nowhere near ready - i still have a lot to polish and learn. but maybe with practice and work i could see myself as a poet?

in any case, i'm excited to get some poems posted to this site. the only thing actually stopping me from getting some works up is that i have to code the page. i have an idea i'd really like to execute but absolutely no idea how to do it. i'll probably do something simple as a placeholder until i gain more html experience.

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