enrique iglesias, ricky martin, pitbull

the trilogy tour | 23/02/24

me holding up mr worldwide (i missed)

listen. LISTEN. you have to understand. going to pitbull started out as a joke. we decided to go on the day of to see how low ticket prices would go and we ended up getting a good price off a scalper. look at how close we were!!! even if it was side view, it was really crazy being so close to the stage.

though we did just go for pitbull, ricky martin really surprised me. i went in a casual enjoyer of his big hits but i really underestimated how good of a show he could put on. sorry ricky martin i wasn't really familiar with your game. i think after we left i talked about ricky martin more than pitbull. he banged.

pitbull put on an insane show too though. there's a tweet that says something along the lines of "REALLY depressed people don't listen to sad music they listen to party songs." leading up to this concert, i was in one of the worst mental states of my life and at night i would loop "time of our lives" over and over for hours. so you can imagine i went in wanting the time of my life, and pitbull pulled up.

at one point he started a song and dropped his microphone early on. he stopped the whole band and restarted the song over from the top for us. a little extra pitbull as a treat. i think the craziest part was near the end when there was a music break and he just stood still while a bunch of girls shook ass around him for like, a full minute. i felt extremely swagged on.

all and all it was a really good time!! i don't think i would pay a lot of money to, but i would definitely see him again. ricky martin too, even if i only know two songs.

enrique iglesias was also there.