super junior - d&e

DElight party | 28/11/23

this was an incredibly special concert for me. i'm not as into kpop as i used to be, but super junior is my favourite group and will always have a big place in my heart. a super junior concert in my city is something i'd dreamed of for 8 years, when i started stanning them, and even though this was only a two person sub-unit concert i still feel incredibly grateful and happy i could go! especially because eunhyuk is one of my biases.

it goes without saying that it was incredible. d&e has so many good songs and, as expected, they were so funny!!! they kept doing a bit where if the audience laughed at them they would tell us to get up, turn around, and face the door. or to just go home entirely. they were sooooo offended when we laughed at them for going to niagara falls, which is fair because it was mostly splash damage (they don't know every single kpop group that comes to toronto talks about niagara falls).

the fan event was amazing too!!! before the show began, they were giving out blue balloons to hold up during a certain song. if you're unfamiliar with kpop lore, usually groups have their own light sticks that you can buy to use during concerts, but back in the olden days when super junior debuted, light sticks weren't really a thing. instead, groups had their own representative colour and fans would hold up balloons in the groups colour. in this case, super junior's colour is sapphire blue so our balloons were blue. actually, prior to the concert i thought about picking up a blue balloon for myself to use because i knew they wouldn't be selling super junior light sticks there, but i didn't end up doing it, so showing up to see that toronto E.L.F's (everlasting friends, super junior's fanbase name) had planned such a sweet event was so nice. and d&e seemed to be touched by it too!

i think the only downside was that the audience was seated the whole time. call me old fashioned, but i hate a seated audience at concerts. i want to be up and dancing and having fun with the artists!! and i think most times they want that too!! especially in this case, since they asked us to get up when they were going to perform oppa oppa. i've noticed this at a lot of kpop concerts in toronto (and some other concerts too), and usually i chalked it up to me being farther in the back of the audience away from all the action. but this time i was really close to the front and no one was standing at all? so i was a bit disappointed by that.

nevertheless! it was still a fantastic time. and i was also really lucky to win a fan raffle to get a group picture with d&e!!! my placement in the group pic was also super lucky because i was right in front of eunhyuk and in between the both of them!! at one point i looked up at donghae and he looked at me and i got so nervous i start laughing. right in his face. i'm sorry lee donghae.

but at the end of the day? they did not perform choki wa. i did not feel it. 0/10.