about me!

hello!! i'm natalie, a self-professed clown that hates writing bios. i'm a 25 year old girl and i use she/her pronouns! amongst friends i am generally known for being: THE fujoshi of all time, a very sleepy guy, a horrid thing, and a chronic tim hortons iced cap drinker.

currently, i'm double majoring in history and english, and i hope to graduate in 2024. my main interests include anime, video games, BL, reading, music, fashion, and crafting! lately, i've also been really into vtubers. i don't have a prefered music genre because i listen to most, and i don't have a particular favourite singer/band either, but i love recs!

you can and should contact me at planetaryinfluence@gmail.com

more facts

  • star signs: virgo ☼ | sagittarius ☾ | libra ⇧
  • birthday: august 30
  • pets: i have one dog (willow), but i also live with another dog and a leopard gecko!
  • bisexual
  • ocd (i usually don't like listing stuff like this but i will probably talk about my experience with ocd a lot!)

my favourites

  • colour: blue
  • mascot: my melody
  • anime: no.6
  • video game: yakuza series
  • book: a nervous splendor: vienna 1888-1889
  • song: when you were young (the killers) OR i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (black kids)
  • vtuber oshis: inugami korone, ceres fauna, gavis bettel
  • kpop group: super junior

last updated: oct 28, 2023